Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enemystar art

Here is another concept design for my main character, Ani (#77), and a landscape sketch that I am considering for the main city. Its a work in progress. I am starting to get some comic pages roughed out! Of course, if I ever get enough free time to work on it.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

something different

Alright. For a while I have been working on EnemyStar and I think I have a good hold on how I am going to present it and make my way toward making it a motion comic as well. However, I have been getting a little burned out on comics. So, I decided to make some random digital art. My Southern Cali. friends have been on my mind lately and I decided to work on a piece that reflected that. This piece came to me quickly and with ease. It took about 16 hours in Photoshop to get to this point. Not too bad. There is still a lot of work to do yet. I still see miles of detail work ahead of me. And the tentacles don't look right to me. I think I might change them to snakes or something. So here it is in all its horrific glory. This ones to my friends in S.I.

Monday, December 5, 2011

EnemyStar Update!

Here is some updates for the EnemyStar project. I have been trying to nail down a final look for my main character. I have been asking around for critiques and advice on what needs to change. So far, I think I am headed in the right direction as far as my character. I think now I will refine the badguys of the story. After all, the antagonists have to be more interesting then the main character.

Let me know what you think about the new details in my main character (#77)!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Enemystar Update

So I had to take some time to do some writing. Both about my characters and about my story. And what I have found is that I am a better artist then I am a writer. So, I am looking for a writer to help collaborate with me on this project. However, I have been able to make some artwork for the project that will contribute to the overall story. Things have changed but not too much. The story will still be a Sci Fi horror/ action/ suspense. There is no other way to do it really. I want the story to be somewhere in between Akira- and- Blade Runner, with some esoteric occult stuff thrown in there.

On the art- the first pic is one of my main character, #77 Ani (Anastasia)
The second pic is one of the main preists I want to have in the story. Its a quick sketch I did in the middle of the night.
The last pic is a more developed sketch of a possible soldier type. I know this would be way to detailed to draw over and over again but I just explored some options and had fun with it. 
The characters are kind of Hellraiser-ish I know, abut I like the complexity and the dark style it offers. Almost like a cyberpunk type of style. But more, "horrorpunk" if you will. I originally was thinking of having two split societies, much like the Bourgeoisie and the Peasants of France. Or the Caste system. One being more of a materialistic-social status craving- money hording type. Much like the Bourgeoisie of the US. The 99% vs. the 1%, if you will. Nevertheless, a revenge story against those who have oppressed us and those who have caused us great wrong.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update: Enemystar- character pet

Ok, so for the last week or so I have been doing some writing on the story ENEMYSTAR and messing around with some ideas for secondary characters and other supporting roles within the story to help our poor main character 77. She will be alone for a while, trying to discover her purpose and her identity. Along the way she will rescue a furry little alien rodent. Or more like a Cat-Monkey I suppose. Anyway, this will be her little companion that helps her through some tough times. So I have been working on creating such a creature and I began doing some research on some cute animals and such. I remembered seeing some paintings by Chu, and he had just the appeal I was looking for in a cute supporting creature. I also looked at some Stitch references to help with the overall anatomy of the creature. So this is what I came up with. Its not quite a raccoon, or cat, or monkey, or lizard, but maybe a combo of all. Its a Raconkeyzard! Ok, maybe the name needs a little work. But I feel that this little guy has the right fit for our rough and tumble type character. Something to soften the darkness a bit.

 copyright of Ron Root 2011.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Update: Story and character progress

Alright, so I have been hard at work scratching down the ground floor of the graphic novel project. So, first things first; whats the name of your story? I spent a lot of time trying to think of a good name that fits the attitude, story and characters. With my story being about a future under total religious rule and the hypocrisies and corruptions that can occur within such an organization, I wanted to bring to light just how weak man (or woman) can be. I also wanted to explore some emotional content that I feel parallels my own screwed up experiences and some that I feel parallels others. It will most definitely be a journey for our main character.

So, for this post I will include some other pieces of art I was tooling with regarding the Priests. In my next post I will discuss the main character biography and character flaws.

Oh! And one more thing. I have found a title for my project. I had to get permission and it was granted. The title of this woman's journey of vengeance and self discovery will be- "ENEMY STAR".

Enemy Star by Ron Root 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Characters. Good, bad, but mostly ugly.

So, I have been working on this comic/ animation project lately and I have some pretty cool ideas on some of the other characters that will be in my story. I have been trying to create some Priests that would fit into my world. These characters are the ushers that set the story in motion. They are members of the Clergy. Also, they serve as a government agency that all smaller governments, ie; townships, municipalities, etc..., bow down to. The Clergy are the lawgivers, judge-jury-executioner, the overseers of civilization and science. They are the chairmen that govern the world.
These "beings" are said to have given technology and agricultural science to the early world in Mesopotamia, and gave knowledge of worship, and created the great temples of the world (the Great Pyramids, the Inca temples, etc...). After the seed of knowledge was planted in early civilization, the Clergy left the world to continue their work abroad. Some stayed in subterranean cities, but most of them went off world.
After the great Apocalypse that cleared the slate of civilization, the Clergy came back to put order back into chaos. For their own means? For their own survival? To what end? And why do they concern themselves with this planet, Earth? These creatures are not entirely human, but something else. Disguised. Modified. Corrupt? Tainted by their own vanity and pride? Perhaps. Their purpose is control. They are the gatekeepers. They have the knowledge and the intergalactic resources of the universe at their disposal. Does that mean they decide all fate? Not all, it seems.
Also, I have been working on some titles for the project. I have a good title, but I have to do some research to see if I can use it. Anyone have any good sci-fi names for the main character (the female badass)?